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Keeping you safe is really important to us at Angel Jobs Malta. We want your job search to be easy and reliable. Here are some important things to remember:

Protecting Your Information: Remember, never share sensitive personal information like your bank details or Social Security number with anyone who says they're from Angel-Jobs Malta. We will never ask for that personal information in emails or telephone calls. Stay safe!

Beware of Fake Job Offers: Watch out for fake job offers! Say no to unexpected emails and telephone calls. Always double-check with the real Angel-Jobs Malta support before saying yes to any offer. Stay smart and safe!

Official Communication Channels: All our essential emails come from our official Angel-Jobs Malta email address. You can find them in your Angel-Jobs Malta account dashboard. Keep an eye out there for any official updates!

Report Suspicious Activity: Keep your Angel-Jobs Malta account safe! Use a complex, unique password, and don't share it. Remember to update it regularly. Angel-Jobs Malta will never ask for your password unless it is during the official login process. Stay secure!

Verify Employers: Before interacting with any potential employer, confirm their legitimacy. Verify the company details, website, and contact information. Angel-Jobs Malta offers tools to assist you in researching and connecting with reliable employers.

Stay Informed: Make sure to visit our security center often for the latest updates and tips on staying safe while looking for jobs. We're here to notified about possible risks and help you protect yourself. Stay safe, and feel free to contact us if you have questions!

Seven Signs to Identify Fake Job Offers:

  • If you get a job offer without applying, be careful. Usually, real employers contact people who have applied for the job.
  • Look out for scams. If a job promises super high pay, needs very little work, or talks about quick promotions, beware.
  • Check the job details in detail. If something seems unclear, check it before going forward.
  • Be careful if job offers have bad grammar or use informal email addresses; it could be a scam.
  • If a recruiter pushes you to accept a job right away, be cautious.
  • Look for clear hiring criteria to make sure the job is real. Stay smart and safe!

Protect Yourself from Job Frauds:

  • Be cautious and check the hiring company first before confirming its legitimacy.
  • Never share personal information like bank details or passwords.
  • Say no if the job asks for payment.
  • Check the recruitment firm online and check for reviews. Stay safe and wise!

If you encounter any suspicious job offers, report them to our security team immediately: